What 1102 CO. can offer you.

1102 CO. brings a diverse set of people and tools within our management services portfolio to achieve successful delivery of programs and projects. We help to navigate the ever growing expectations, year-over-year budget cuts, and scrutiny by absentee managers that get in the way of productivity and performance. Our support staff is there to help day to day management achieve success.

Our knowledge in program management is what sets us apart. We are able to provide management consulting services in multiple areas and disciplines. We have proven practices that can be aligned to customer and client engagements. Our consultants walk you through every step of the process and take care of the small things so you can concentrate on the big things. We ensure our consultants are first and foremost, watching for cost overruns, program scope creep, and delays.

Financial Advisory

  • Buy/Sell M&A Services

  • Infrastructure Finance
  • Lender Services
  • Transaction Services (pre & post)
  • Financing Market Analysis
  • Debt Advisory
  • Fundraising


  • Operational Improvement Analysis
  • Business Strategy & Execution
  • Organizational Change Management

Audit & Assurance

  • Financial Auditing
  • Corporate Reporting (Federal & State)
  • Independent Assurance Reviews

Administrative Outsourcing

  • Staffing
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Workplace Compliance

Administrative Business Services

  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Banking
  • Risk Governance
  • Digital


  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Corporate Structure
  • Cost Segregation
  • Employee Stock Plans
  • Global Compliance

1102 CO. delivers one-on-one client centric services